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Espresso is 'the most intensive drink' that can be obtained through passing of water onto a layer of ground coffee.

    To make the best of its taste and aromas it is necessary to respect some basic rules.

    Optimal temperature of water is at least 90C (195F) , combined with a pressure of 9 atm.
Ideal quantity of coffee for each cup is at least 6 grams, ground in such a way as to allow a time of percolation of about 30 seconds.

    ESPRESSOcap capsules offer you exactly these specifics and they have transformed the way we drink coffee at home or at the office.  Capsules ensure that every coffee tastes as good as the first as they are roasted by Italian artisans and carefully individually packed to ensure premium freshness. All of this effect at the push of a button without the need to be a trained barrista.

The art of tasting does not limit itself to a sensation of the tongue or mouth but it can be a full tactile experience evoking a playful enjoyment from first sight, to smell, and lastly, taste.

Senses are playing


It's the first of senses to be involved with full appreciation of senses that the colour and the quality of creamy foam give off.  A creamy foam of a perfect espresso can be recognized for its hazelnut coloured hue with reddish glints and clear streaks. Besides, the ideal foam is homogenous and it sticks onto the cup almost forming a kind of
covering on top of coffee to keep even the most volatile aromas.  To verify the quality of a creamy foam it is sufficient to put a tea spoon of sugar onto the surface and observe the time and manner of absorption; a perfect espresso needs about 8 seconds to absorb sugar, through a small conical hole.


Enjoy to the full the olfactory perfumes of your espresso: at start, the lightest and most volatile aromas are manifested so, stirring the coffee, allow the most dense and blended perfumes to come out. More blended is the coffee, stronger the perfumes will be.


The foam has an important role also in stimulating the sense of taste. It is defined as "greasy" in case it's thick, 2 to 4 mm high and "remains" in your mouth. A good aftertaste, that is, aroma that is perceived after having tasted the coffee, is a synonym of the blend quality.  Perfect espresso is the one where real flavours of the blend are built. with the only exception of a bitter, balanced and clear sensation.


Tactile sense plays a role in tasting of an espresso: it allows evaluating the fullness, the temperature, the softness. Perfect coffee is structured, has a full and rounded body. It results soft and velvety.

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